Sonar Pros Harness
Sonar Pros Harness
Sonar Pros Harness


Sonar Pros Harness

Sale price$100.00
Connection Offerings: 
1. Lightning: The SonarPros Lightning connection allows you to make the final connection to your manufacturers power cord yourself. The lightning connector uses a reducing marine grade connection and heatshrink covering tool. Detailed connection direction included. This process is hightly recommended for Ranger and Vexus Boats that have rigging tubes. 
2. Core Process. The SonarPros harness can also be ordered with your graph manufacturers power cords pre-wired. The PowerPlugs (Cores) can either be A. mailled in to SonarPros for Pre-Wire or B. you can pay a core fee. The core fee simply covers SonarPros providing the PowerPlug on your behalf. Then once you receive the harness you have the option to mail back your original power plugs for a full refund of that core fee.
Build Time: SonarPros harness is built to your specific boat year/make/model and graph layout. Due to the custom nature of the product harnesses typically take 3-5 business days to ship. Please do not email us regarding order status unless your order has exceeded the 5 business day mark. 

Why Should You Run A SonarPros Dedicate Harness?

100% Plug & Play - The SonarPros premium harness comes pre-wired with your graph manufactures power plug or our DIY Lightning Connector! Making install a breeze with a plug/play approach

Dedicated Fuses - The harness supplies dedicated & labeled fuses per graph source in your system. Providing the most reliable surge protection on the market. 

Dedicated Power/Ground - SonarPros Harness supplies dedicated power/ground to each graph in your system individually. Ensuring your graphs have the most efficient power supply and fuse protection

Nylon Coating - Harness offers and additional level of protection via a nylon sheathing. This material is also low friction making rigging a breeze!

Waterproof Connections - We utilize 100% waterproof connections from the ring terminals, to internal fuse assembly, and finally at the graph power plug connection. Ensuring your dedicated system has the most reliable connection under the toughest conditions!

Marine Grade - In conjunction with the soldered connections we use all marine grade heat shrink tubing that makes a 100% water tight bond at the electrical connections. Ensuring your harness is never compromised!

USA Product! - Sonar Pros Premium Harness is 100% Engineered and Assembled in the USA

Single Ring Terminals - SonarPros Harness includes single ring terminals for power/ground connections. Resulting in an easy installation process and reducing cluttered terminals!